Everything is eh’

By Jamie Uyeshiro

 You are a creative genius. Every morning you wake up with rainbows flying out of your armpits. Every project you touch turns to gold. Life is super duper.

Cue music: Everything is awesome!

Then suddenly, without warning, everything is not awesome. Everything is ‘eh’, at least on the creative front, so you put into play your first plan of action: drink enough caffeine to believe in yourself, sit down at your computer, and struggle one word at a time…

HOURS LATER: *blinking cursor*

“That’s ok. It’s just today,” your internal optimist thinks. But then, one day turns into two, weeks pass, even months, and now you are officially starting to panic. I feel ya, we’ve all been there. It’s called creative burnout.

Lucky for us we can always turn to the Internet. I don’t think we give appropriate awe to the fact that it’s a pretty kick-ass time to be alive. As far as knowledge and entertainment go, our generation wants for nothing. Have thirty seconds to kill? Perfect. Just enough time to heart some pictures on Instagram. Agree to disagree? I think not, back me up here Wiki.

There have been so many evenings I’ve found myself elbow deep in my laptop, using my expertly honed Google skills to try and find whatever inspiration might help to kick my butt back into the writer’s seat. But, the longer I spent entangled in the world wide web, the more I realized I was building up tolerance. The brilliantly written articles, thought provoking quotes, and gorgeous images that had once moved me to write, no longer did it for me. By over saturating myself, I had slowly, without realizing it, become completely desensitized, pushing myself further from actual inspiration and closer to ‘eh’…Read More

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