How to Make the Most of Your Weekend


I know we all feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day, especially on weekdays. The work week is a crazy mad dash to get everything done, while the weekends fly by without much accomplished. Before you know it, you are back at work and counting down the days until Friday. This is why we all need to make the most of the precious two days of freedom that we have.

Here are some ideas on how you can make your weekend more enjoyable and relaxing, so you can be better prepared to tackle on a new week.

Become Friends with Breakfast:

Describe breakfast on a regular weekday.
(a) A nice, home-cooked breakfast
(b) Something quick and simple
(c) Nothing (skipping breakfast altogether for 5 more minutes of sleep)

I’m guessing most people don’t fall into category (a). If you don’t eat anything at all during the week then anything semi-nutritious would be an improvement. If you eat a quick and pathetic breakfast during your work week, go out to brunch with friends or make yourself that French Toast recipe you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest…Read More

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