Reflections of a New Grad

By Carly Clydesdale


It’s a strange thing, being a new grad. September is approaching and I would be obsessively organizing my things and packing my life into my car to head back to college for another year. But something isn’t the same here… Suddenly I’m not itching to get away from home and back to my friends, because I’m staying here… FOREVER.

Alright, that was a bit ominous. However, there is truth to be found here. My life—and the lives of many of my friends—are now headed towards a completely different path. Gone are the days of late night studying (and not studying), walks down the street to see good friends, and gorgeous ivy covered buildings (never gets old). Now, I’m in the city and working a big-girl job, which is the natural next step. While my younger sister gears up to head back to school, it would be easy for me to be sad and mopey: curl up on the couch, candles lit, pictures in hand, mourning the loss of my youth. Dramatic.

BUT. I am here to comment on why being a grown-up ISN’T THE END, but just the beginning! Yes, frosh week is approaching and it royally sucks to not be invited. We, the new-grads, are officially the reject friends who don’t get invited anywhere. However, now we have our own cool new party that is even more exclusive and fun.

Let’s review a few reasons why being a functional adult is better than being a student:

1. You can FINALLY start paying off those loans. You’ve (hopefully) got a job and can finally get your parents off your back and start saving. I mean, it isn’t the MOST exciting, but come on, having your own income is obscenely refreshing.

2. Or, alternatively, you can ignore debt all together and TRAVEL! This is the only time in your life when you can pick up your life for 3 months and move it across the world. Responsible? Absolutely not! But at least you’ll have some fun stories to tell 20 years down the road, when you’ve (again, hopefully) gained a job and pulled your life together…Read More

Come join us at!

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