How to Look Better in Photos

By Christina Gomez


I use Photoshop to edit my photos. I think it’s one of the best inventions of the digital era. However, I’m against it when it comes to modifying your appearance like they do in fashion editorials. I prefer to see real bodies and faces. Nevertheless, we all like to look beautiful in pictures and there are ways to look better without borrowing the magic of Photoshop. It’s all a matter of how you pose as we will see later on.

We are living in a digital era where we take thousands of photos to instantly post on Facebook or Instagram. In my opinion, we should be more cautious in selecting the picture we upload, so before sharing a photo ask yourself, “Would I feel comfortable displaying this image on my desktop for the whole office to see?” If your answer is “no”, then why would you want to put it up on social media? We all want to look great in pictures and we want the pictures to reflect our best face forward, so without further ado, here are 10 tricks that will make you look better in photos:

1. Wear dark clothes: black is not only the most elegant color, it’s also the most flattering.

2. Keep your chin up and out: this will make your neck look longer and you will avoid the very much feared double chin.

3. Pull your shoulders back and stick your chest out…Read More

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3 Things Bold, Savvy and Sophisticated Woman Should Stop Saying

By Marisso Ingrande


Ladies, it’s time for some cold hard truth about our vocabulary. We know how much we all love to chat with our girlfriends and sound like Cher from Clueless while dissecting our love life, but it’s time for it to stop. Talking to your boss the way you talk to your best friend at happy hour only makes you look immature and inarticulate. If we want to be taken seriously we have to speak professionally and, in order to get your vocab back on track these, three phrases need to be cut out immediately.

1. “I Can’t”
“When he called me last night and told me he couldn’t go to dinner after I took the time to get ready, I was so pissed. I can’t. I just CAN’T EVEN!”… Read More
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Balancing Work and a Long Distance Relationship

By Hope Butler


Maintaining the right balance between work and a relationship is always hard, but for those of us in a long distance relationship, that balance is all the harder to establish. 

It is as if you have become a scale, with work weighing you down on one side and your relationship on the other. Things begin to stack up on one side – that project that needs finishing, that work event that needs attending, that trainee that needs supervising – and the other side of the scale begins to tip – the boyfriend asking when you are coming to visit, the desire to come home and have someone to relay your day to, etc. Eventually, with everything piled up on top of each other, the scales (or you, in this case) break and something just has to give.

Depending on where your life is at, this decision can be easier or harder to make. If you are young, have just started a new job, and you are determined to make your way up the professional ladder, it is often easier to neglect a long distance relationship in favor of your career. However, for some of you out there, a relationship becomes much more important: maybe you are keen to settle down, have a great (if time consuming) job already, or feel as if you have just met the ONE.

Now, there must be a few of you thinking, ‘well, then is it possible to have your cake and eat it?’ To that question, I would say yes, definitely, without a doubt, absolutely. You can’t help who you fall in love with and if you are anything like the savvy, beautiful, and smart businesswoman I know you are, then you will be an expert at organizing and juggling. So without further ado, I would like to share with you my tricks for maintaining a peaceful balance between a busy career and a long distance relationship.

1. Plan, plan, and then plan some more. I can’t reiterate enough how important planning your time is to establish the perfect balance. Knowing what you are doing and when you are doing it makes arranging those precious phone calls, visits, or Skype dates all the much easier. For this to really work, your boyfriend/girlfriend should also keep a calendar, which you can share with each other monthly to see when both of you are available… Read More

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6 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

By Molly Tullis


How you feel about the month of August greatly relies on your vocation. While some teachers look at this month like one long Sunday evening, college students often find themselves asking if they can move in two weeks early. Well, regardless of how you feel about summer ending, you can still make the best possible use of your dwindling vacation days. There are plenty of ways to get the most out of this season without breaking the bank! 

1. Try a Stay-cation. Stay-cations have become popular in the last few years as the economy has been strained and they involve literally staying at home. Just because you can’t dish out on a four-star hotel in Miami doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your vacation days! Call off a long weekend or even a week and turn off your work emails. Book yourself lunches and girls’ night out with friends, an extra special date night (one night at a hotel can’t hurt, right?), or even a spa day. Get all of the vacation without all of the travel hassle!

2. Get into summer reading. Did anyone else sign up for summer reading programs at their local library as a kid? It was a tradition for my sisters and I. Use some of the sun and rays to go outside on a lounge chair and crack open a good book. This seems commonplace, but I go months without reading a book because I always brush it off. Put on your bikini and tan while you flip the pages through a bestseller to get a mini-escape. Author’s Pick: The Vogue Factor.

3. Try Something New With Your Beauty Routine. Summer always brings out brighter and fresher make-up trends. Anything from orange lipstick to blue eye shadow seems to be fair game. Before we settle back into fall’s darker hues, try something new and unexpected to brighten up your beauty regime. Try highlights, new eye shadow, or even glittery and neon nail polish… Read More

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Sun-kissed Glow All Year Long

By Alecia Smith


As Fall and Winter approach, the issue we deal with each and every year arises, yet again: pale skin.  With continued awareness regarding the sun’s harmful UV rays and the damaging effects of tanning beds, the struggle continues for the perfect way to get that sunkissed look without damaging your skin. At the same time, I have come to understand why my mom insisted that I wear sunscreen during my younger days: I don’t want to look like a leather raisin (you know that look), not to mention, that walking into the office looking like a lobster or an oompa loompa is NOT an appropriate office look. So what is the solution? There are some fabulous self-tanning products available now that, surprisingly enough, will not turn you orange. If you have extremely pale skin like I do, you may remember years past when self-tanning products were not favorable to our skin tones (there were times I felt like I walked straight out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Luckily for us, the products below are some amazing items that will give you that natural tanned look we all want!

1. St. Tropez. You can find St. Tropez at a number of locations, including Ulta and Sephora. I have to say this is probably my favorite self-tanning product. It comes in a mousse, lotion or spray form and is a little pricy if you are on a budget, but the outcome is amazing. Make sure you get the hand mitt, as well, to avoid orange palms from application!

2. Equate. If you’re on a budget, Walmart sells a fabulous self-tanner that is modeled after St. Tropez. In fact, the bottle even states that it is comparable to St. Tropez… Read More

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Overwhelmed? Start with Organization

By Carly Clydesdale


How many of us, when asked “What is your greatest strength?” in a job interview, say “Organization”? I know I have always been proud of my ability to stay on top of things and as someone who is currently working in HR, hearing “organized” as a trait instantly peaks my interest. It’s not likely that you’ll ever be chastised for being TOO organized, but let’s get real; even the most Type A people get overwhelmed and fall off the wagon sometimes. Lately, I have found myself struggling to stay on top of my work, personal life, finances, and blogging. I keep losing track of what week it is, making too many plans and not having enough me-time, and forgetting about important things until the last minute. Rushing is probably one of the top 5 things I hate most, yet I find myself buying a wedding gift the morning of the wedding and writing a blog post pitch the day before it’s due (sorry, CgC!) Well, to get back on track and help out my fellow busy gals while doing so, I’ve compiled my tips to stay as organized as possible. When used all together they will allow you to create the perfect storm of productivity.

1. Agenda

Ever since my first school-assigned agenda in elementary school, I have relied heavily on a day planner. It can be hard to remember to write everything down, but once you get into a routine, it really works! Even with the iCal and other online scheduling tools (trust me, I’ve tried everything), I always seem to come back to my handwritten agenda. Writing things down not only helps you retain information better, but I also love to write out my week in various colored pens. By recording my work meetings, appointments, bills, personal events and blog schedules in different colors, I’m less likely to forget or double-book. It reminds me of what’s important! Plus, there are SO many cute agendas on the market right now that make organization so much more fun (mine’s from Kate Spade!)

2. Lists

I always used to make fun of my mom for making so many lists, but now that I’m an adult, I can see why she did what she did. By making a to-do list at the beginning of the day or week, I see all of the important things that I HAVE to accomplish. For example: pay Visa bill, write blog posts, take out recycling, buy a friend’s birthday gift. Once those important things have been written down and placed somewhere accessible… Read More

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Why We Love Fall

By Kelly Evanko


Fall is the season to revel in its wondrous ability to create a huge canvas, in which nature is its paintbrush. It is the one season that heightens all five senses and, while we sadly watch as summer slips away, we get a certain excitement for the things that autumn has to offer. Sit back, throw on your favorite sweater, grab some apple cider and we will take a joyride through the many reasons to love fall.

The Smells – It might sound weird, but every season has a certain array of scents that send our olfactory nerves into overdrive. For me, that season is definitely fall. The first thing that comes to mind is cinnamon and apples. Other fall scents are pumpkin, burning leaves, cashmere, bonfires, turkey, and of course, the crisp cool air, which has an incredible scent. What is YOUR favorite fall scent?

The Colors – Every September, the leaves on the trees turn into rich reds, oranges, yellows, deep pinks and even browns. This makes the landscape explode with beauty and there is nothing like lacing up your walking shoes or hopping into the car and taking a drive to bask in the views. No one scene is the same.

Jumping in the leaves – I will admit, I hate raking leaves, but when I was a kid I loved when my dad would rake piles of leaves. I would spend hours jumping in them and throwing them around. When I see a pile of leaves today, I get a smile on my face remembering the fun I had.

Apples – This is the time of year when apples of many varieties are in season. I love going to an apple farm and picking my own. I love to eat apple pie, apple dumplings, apple cobbler, baked apples, caramel apples, and everyone’s favorite, apple cider. My favorite apple is the Jazz variety. It is red, yellow, and has the most amazing sweetness to it… Read More

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10 Incredible Beach Destinations

By Emma Maddalosso


There is nothing better than a long day at the beach. The sun relaxes your muscles, the sea gives you a boost of energy and the breeze takes all your stress away. A good book and a bottle of water is all you need. Back to simplicity, back to the roots, back to nature. If you can’t wait to feel the sand on your feet, the salt on your skin, and the wind in your hair, here you have 10 incredible destinations to book next time you need a break from the office!

Berlenga Islands, PortugalThis tiny Portuguese archipelago can be considered the first protected area in the world, for in 1465 King Alfonso V of Portugal forbade the practice of any form of hunting in Berlenga Grande. The Berlenga Nature Reserve is a unique place due to its transparent sea and underwater treasures. Hike, kayak, snorkel or swim the day away. Pack a picnic lunch and feast on the beach. Can you think of a better plan?

Maya Bay, Thailand

Leonardo Di Carprio’s The Beach put this sublime destination on the map but, in spite of the tourists, this beach is still one of the most beautiful places on earth. Dive and visit the nearby caves of Pirates. Play in the sand and feel like a kid again. The old Thai longboats that settle in on the beach will be the perfect frame for your pictures… Read more

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How to Stay Out of Debt in your 20s

By Jenn Heflin


The average college graduate leaves school with some $30,000 in debt, so even if you’re one of the fortunate few who gets a great job straight out of the gate, you’ll still be starting out your adult life in the red. If you didn’t grow up with parents who taught you about money (or you did but you just weren’t paying attention), it’s not too late. In fact, it is the perfect time to build good money habits. Managing your own finances can be overwhelming at first, but you’ll be better prepared for life if you learn the basics now. Here are five things you can do today to make your money work for you and stay out of debt in your twenties. 

1. Pay Yourself First. “Out of sight, out of mind” — it’s a saying we’re all familiar with and it applies to money, too. If you don’t have it handy, you won’t spend it on $5 lattes, so hide at least some of your money from yourself in a way that benefits you down the road. If you haven’t done so already, set up an appointment with your company’s HR person and tell them you want to contribute to a 401(k) account (a tax-free retirement plan where the money comes out of your paycheck before you even see it). If your company matches 401(k) contributions, start with whatever amount they match — it’s a completely free way to double your money at your employer’s expense. And even if they don’t match, start off with a 5-10 percent contribution. The more you contribute, the less money you’ll have to pay taxes on now and the more investment income you’ll earn on your contributions down the road (once again, free money for you!).While you’re in your company’s HR office, ask them for a direct deposit form. Send 90 percent of your check (after the amount already deducted for your 401(k), of course!) to your checking account, and the other 10 percent to a savings account. If you think you’ll be tempted to dip into that savings for your latte habit, take a few minutes extra to set up your savings account at a different bank from where your checking/ATM is. Remember: you won’t spend what you can’t see and the idea is to bake in habits that grow your savings for tomorrow without tempting yourself to cheat today.
2. Create a Budget & Set Goals. To stay out of debt, you’ll need a plan. That plan is your budget. Fortunately, modern tools make the budgeting process much easier than it used to be (think spreadsheets…). is a free and super-simple website/app that connects to your bank account, credit cards, loans and investment accounts to give you the total picture of what you owe and what you spend your money on.’s best feature is being able to create a budget, set goals, and remind yourself of upcoming payments that need to be made. You’ll be shocked at first by what you actually spend your money on, but once you know, you’ll start to see obvious places where you can cut back relatively painlessly without turning yourself into a monk. Bye-bye, $5 lattes.
3. Pay Your Bills Immediately After You Get Paid. Whether you get paid weekly or bi-monthly, do yourself a huge favor and setup your main account to auto-pay your rent, loans and credit cards one or two days after your paycheck hits your checking account. Auto-pay can be set up through your bank or through your individual credit accounts. Paying your bills when they’re due will keep you from paying dreaded late fees…read more.
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Stay Beautiful and Simplify Travel

By: Heather Funk

beauty for travel 2

I have learned a lot of things about packing for travel the hard way, from having to check a bag for a weekend in Chicago because I couldn’t bear the idea of having to go a couple of days without my entire collection of full-sized hair products to freezing in Toronto because I filled my bag with dresses and didn’t leave room for so much as a jacket!

This is good news for you, CgC readers because I’d love to share what I’ve learned along the way. The following are the must-haves items I’ve found to save myself from having to skimp on my beauty routine without having to shell out for an extra suitcase and, of course, the extra checked bag fee.

Hair Dryer

1. Revlon Shine Enhancing Hot Air Kit, $18.99 at Target

This is, simply put, a game changer. My hair type, wavy bottom layers with straight top layers, is confounding to style and perhaps the reason the blowout was invented, because “wash and go” is an utterly alien concept to me. The hot brush, which dries your hair while styling it, is a tool sent from heaven to give you bouncy Kate Middleton locks in one step. It’s less bulky than a hair dryer, and the attachments allow you to flip out or curl in your hair and style your bangs without needing a million tools. It takes up just a little more space than a hair brush and will free up time for brunch, sightseeing, going out on the town… the things you actually want to be doing on vacation.



2. Cargo One Base, $28 at

Cargo’s line of products was invented to be travel-friendly, hence the brand name. One Base is a concealer-and-foundation combination in a handy tube (much less messy to carry around than a bottle) that goes on thick enough to conceal jet-lag circles, but also super blend-able for all-over coverage, as well. “Double-duty” is a key word when it comes to…read more



What products have changed your life on-the-go? Let us know in the comments!

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