Synonyms Do Not Exist in the Fashion World: Tank Tops Versus Sleeveless

By: Ashley Wallace

Yes, there is a difference! All of these years, you have been led to believe that “sleeveless” was a synonym for “tank top”. In reality, it’s actually a different style of top. Sleeveless is a term used to describe shirts that cover most of the shoulder, and CgC designates it as “corporate appropriate”. Sleeveless is the only style of top that is appropriate for the workplace that does not have traditional sleeves.

Tank tops, on the other hand, show much more of the shoulder (razor back tops show even more), and usually have thin straps.

The “spaghetti” strap has a newer claim on the world of fashion, and is used to specify a certain type of extremely thin strap. These shirts were named after the thin pasta (talk about an interesting marketing strategy!), and now society will forever call them “Spaghetti” straps. They show much more shoulder than tank tops, and are completely inappropriate to wear to work, unless they are used as an undershirt. That being said, they make great layering pieces for those shirts with a slightly deeper neckline, making them office appropriate.


SleevelessSpaghetti StrapTank TopSynonyms do not exist

(from left to right: sleeveless, spaghetti strap, tank top, razor back)


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